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Formerly Scrap & Spa

Why we have changed
Over the years we have seen a decline in the art and craft of scrapbooking itself for many reasons. The proliferation of smartphones and the digital lifestyle we now live in is a major one. Social media platforms is another major blow to the craft. In over 20 years in business you see a lot changes, and unfortunatley it has been detrimental to the scrapbooking industry as a whole.  Supplies in stores have shrunk, small scrapbook businesses are gone due to big box stores coming in and taking over, and even the scrapbooking departments in these stores are now shrinking also. Peoples time constraints and busy life styles also play a role in this. So we decided to change Scrap & Spa into a multi-use facilty where people can come to relax and we can still service our scrapbooking friends alike. See more about our 20 year journey to this point and time now called Red Arrow Hideaway. See the About Us section for more on this topic.