About Us

How we started and where we're headed

Back in 1997 and the around the dawn of Internet e-commerce for business and personal sites, Diane thought of an idea to have spa weekends along with a place to work on family scrap books. So in September 1997 Scrap & Spa was born and the domain was reserved. We decided to host these weekends in the southwestern Michigan area

around New Buffalo and Union Pier to make people feel like they were taking a mini vacation for the weekend and is a short trip from Chicago. SW Michigan is a resort type setting with plenty things to do and see and many fine restaurants to dine at also. From 1997 to mid 2000 we leased buildings around the area, and the last of them being Villa Bongo in the Gowdy Shores  section of New Buffalo from friends of ours. So in mid 2000 they informed us they were selling the building and we couldn't renew our lease with the new owners so we decided to invest in SW Michigan and bought a building on a 1 acre secluded lot in Union Pier.

We still had to lease space for our clients as the idea took off rather quickly while we were rehabbing the new building quickly as possible for use. We added a separate studio from the main house to work in so "all nighters" could stay up and work, make noise, party and what ever else they wanted to do while other guests could sleep without being disturbed, The company offered getaway weekends for women to work on thier scrapbooks, get massages, facials, pedicures manicures and more. We had an extensive spa services menu on our site (Still do). Scrap and Spa was one of the first websites to take automated weekend and spa reservations right on the web site. S&S had a good run for 22 years but as we mentioned  in the "Formerly Scrap & Spa" section on this site, scrapbooking started to decline as people's life styles and time constraints changed and the digital age came upon us with smartphones with cameras and digital cameras became cheaper.

With that in mind and the industry changes taking place at a rapid pace, 2 years ago we decided to make the lodge a mixed use property maintaining the studio for our clients who still come here for scrapbooking and spa services and renting it out to vacationers who want to stay here for short visits and just use the sleeping and lodging arrangements.

We thought this was the best solution for our scrapbooking friends and people who vacation here to keep it a viable nice

place for both. In 2017 after 20 years of running Scrap & Spa, Red Arrow Hideaway was born as an ongoing concern. 

Going forward we will keep running the property as Red Arrow Hideaway for both our long term clients and friends and vacationers who want to enjoy the area.

We hope to see you soon!

Diane Anderson, Owner
Greg Anderson, Partner